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Executive Development Programme in HR Business Partnering Batch-1

Executive Development Programme in HR Business Partnering Batch-1

Course Overview

Course Details

In today's competitive world, the human element is considered as the most critical element determining the success of every organization. Realizing the limited ability of other assets to differentiate the organization from its competitors, effective managers are shifting their focus towards human assets. Still organizations report huge variations in taking advantage of this critical asset due to the inability of their HR and line managers to design solutions relevant for respective organizations. Many of the existing initiatives vary from attempts to copy the practices of market leaders to implementation of the latest fad within HR domain, and naturally fail to report results relevant to the business. Major objectives of the programme is to help dedicated participants to:
  • Develop the mindset required for HR Business Partners than the one expected for HR Generalists
  • Enable the participants to identify the business challenges and offer solutions for them involving effective management of human assets.
  • Increase the credibility and persuasion power of HR partners to influence various stakeholders.
  • Customize the HR policies to the required context of the business the HR partners are accountable for

Course Content

    • Comparing the mindsets: HRBP Vs other HR professionals
    • Alignment of strategy with HRM practices
    • Business partnering for various life cycle stages
    • Contribution of HR in Business Transformation
    • Addressing challenges in Business Transformation through HR
    • Contextualization of Business Partnering across industries
    • Business Partnering in Emerging Industries
    • Compensation practices for HRBP
    • Competencies for HRBP practitioners
    • Influencing skills
    • HR Policy customization based on Business Requirements
    • Finding solutions for Business Challenges
    • Political skills for HRBP practitioners
    • Investment strategies for HRBPs
    • Ensuring engagement facilitating business requirements
    • Strategic Partnership through Performance Management
    • Talent Management integrated through Performance Management
    • Performance Management's role in determining business outcome.
    • Mindfulness for HRBP’s
    • Business goals through diversity
    • L&D for attaining business results.
    • Measuring the ROI of HRBP initiatives
    • Grooming and developing talent for business
    • Introduction to the HRBP Concept

On-Campus Component

This program includes 2 days of on-campus immersion towards the end of the program. Attendance to the On-Campus module is MANDATORY for all participants. Most of the project presentations involving the practical application of the topics learned throughout the program are scheduled during the campus component. You will also get the opportunity to experience XLRI campus and can interact with the faculty members present in the campus and your batch mates to facilitate networking. In event that conditions and circumstances do not permit such in-person sessions due to the COVID-19 situation or any such similar circumstances, the sessions planned for the campus component shall be completed online which may lead to an extension of the program duration.

Benefits to Participants

  • Certificate of Completion from XLRI.
  • Opportunity to work on a real time project based on needs identified within your own organization.
  • Handholding sessions of approximately 30 minutes under XLRI faculty in two or three stages, to develop solutions for business problems from HR perspective.
  • 2 days on-campus immersion modules during end of the program to experience XLRI campus and encourage peer learning and pave the path to stronger meaningful connections even beyond the program.
  • Two alternatives are provided for peer group-based discussions. You may choose to join either a weekend or weekday-based peer group depending on individual commitments for every week.
  • Dynamic peer group membership to ensure seamless interaction and learning across organizations and contexts.

Course Pedagogy

The primary method of instruction will be through LIVE lectures that will be beamed online via the Internet to student desktops/laptops or classrooms. The pedagogy will comprise live lectures, case studies, simulation, experiential evaluation, assignments, presentations in group, peer group work, hand holding sessions, live project presentations and feedback in small groups, imparted and facilitated by XLRI’s faculty. Concepts will be explained using examples drawn from real life organizational situations. An average participant is expected to be motivated and committed enough to invest three hours beyond live class sessions per week to comprehend shared soft copy materials, complete shared assignment within the peer group for the week and apply learning to organizational contexts that they are familiar with. Throughout the duration of the course, students will have the flexibility to reach out to the professors during the class or offline via the Cloud Campus to raise questions and clear their doubts during the next session. Participants are expected to clarify their doubts and concerns in applying the discussed concepts during the modules handled by each faculty based on the shared schedule. They may also interact with the faculty members during the campus visit depending on availability. Every participant is expected to complete a live project by choosing one of the faculty members involved in the program as the guide. Program directors will guide those participants who are failing to get consent from remaining faculty members. Every guide will spend 30 minutes in two or three stages to handhold the participants through the process. Since only two days are allocated for project presentations during the campus component, some of the randomly selected members who cannot be accommodated during the campus component will make their presentation through online mode.


Participants are required to maintain at least 75% attendance in the live online sessions throughout the program and ensure attendance during the on-campus component. Participants will be assessed periodically in the form of test, assignment and/or project. The evaluations included in the programme are designed to ensure continuous student engagement with the course and encourage learning. A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants who maintain attendance above 75% and successfully meeting the evaluation criteria. Participants who maintain attendance above 50% and successfully meeting the evaluation criteria will be awarded a Certification of Participation.


Certificate of Completion for participants who maintain attendance above 75% and successfully meeting the evaluation criteria. Certification of Participation for participants who maintain attendance above 50% and successfully meeting the evaluation criteria.

This course does not have any sections.

This has been one of my best learning experiences. It has got me to appreciate business management in a better way.The teaching faculty have been brilliant, the TA’s have been approachable and helpful throughout the course and I would rate this course a 10 on 10 when its gauged against other similar courses offered.I have been interacting with the students who are from the other institutes at our Hughes center and I have learnt that none of those courses have the rigor that PGCBM demands. This is something I appreciate about the PGCBM course as this has forced us to study and work hard towards achieving a good grade albeit at a cost. The cost is the toll it has taken in managing the work and personal life as the course has been heavy and requires a focused study of a good 2-3 hours every day on an average. But I believe if it was not so then there would not have been any learning. With regards to the campus component I felt it was brilliantly organized and the effort put in by the VIL team is commendable. The faculty was superb, the accommodation was excellent and the food was an absolute treat.

I thank the entire XLRI team for this and hope to be associated with the XLRI family in the years to come.
Mr. Darshan Krishnamurthy – PGCBM 26

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU…. for all that you all did when we were on campus.I wish we as HR, can be to our employees what you were to us in that week.It was one of the most hectic week but I loved every bit of it. If another week of campus stay is announced, I will register without a thought! Everything was almost perfect. Hearing, knowing of and admiring XLRI is different from experiencing it. In one word, I lived the most inspiring week of my life in Jamshedpur! Thanks again for everything.
Ms. Anindita Dey – PGCHRM 19

I am very proud to be an alumnus of the great institution ‘XLRI’ that has produced some of the greatest leaders in various fields. To have been taught by the professors at XLRI who are great academicians and who guide many global companies to drive their strategies was indeed a sought-after experience. I am very proud to have been a part of XLRI where students are not just students but managers, strategists and leaders in the making. Being an alumnus of XLRI where values and patriotism are omnipresent even today is one of my biggest achievements.
Ms. Rudrani Nalubolu – PGCHRM-14

I am proud to say that XLRI is my alma mater, and extremely happy to have done so well in the course. The best part about the VIL courses is the quality of teaching – we interact with the finest minds in the subject, and the intellectual stimulation that comes out of classroom discussions is simply mind blowing. I will always remember this one year as one of the most valuable years of my life.
Ms. Pushpa Jagadeesan – PGCHRM-13

I have had a wonderful experience as a student of the program and have learned a lot from my professors and fellow students. There are many options available in the education market to continue your education as a professional. However, the experience, exposure and access to years of research in the field of HR cannot even come close to what one can find at XLRI. Being a part of this institution makes me stand apart in the crowd and to believe in what I stand for as an HR professional. I am proud to call myself an XLRI alumnus and it is my honor to be one.
Godfrey Mitchell – PGCHRM-12

Its been an awesome ride at XLRI.I’ve meet some wonderful friends and meet some great leaders who have helped me take critical decisions of my life.I’ve already been recognized by top companies in my sector with offers from companies as renowned as pepper fry, which i had to let go cause i had a different vision.
Currently i have got an opportunity to lead the HR team of one the companies with not only the biggest vision’s in INDIA but in the world which has a vision to save millions of life’s on a click of a button and i would owe this to XLRI for giving me the XL tag, it certainly counts. i am working as a consultant though for 3 months but the opportunity is what I have always wanted lets just hope i make this count. Cheers!!!. Thanks a ton. Its just the beginning… 
Thanks a ton, Team XL.
Archie D souza – PGCHRM-20

With great pleasure and humility I would like to share this moment of happiness with my Respected Professors and Students.On 18th February 2017, I was honored  with prestigious ‘100 most Impactful CSR Leaders ( A Global Listing)’  by World CSR.The 100 Most Impactful CSR Leaders (Global Listing) is a tribute to those who are missionaries and passionate about CSR. Those Leaders who have believed that CSR Leadership must contribute to Social change are recognized. The World CSR Day pays a tribute to such leaders who are transformation agents. By recognizing Leaders who have contributed value & made a change. Such Leaders who are impactful & believe that there is a MAD (Making A Difference) approach to their workThe approach is driven by passion & commitment towards Social Change.I am really grateful towards  XLRI and  my Great Professors for the wonderful learning that helped me develop a new vision and  better approach to my work.I am a proud student of XLRI PGCHRM -20 Batch.
Kindly convey my gratitude to all the professors and batchmates who have contributed significantly for this achievement.
Vibha Natraj – PGCHRM-20

Wonder why something happens suddenly in our life? Explore not. It’s the lord who connects the dot. Such was the amazing experience when I first came to know about XLRI course. I had a quick glimpse of all the details, and thought why cannot I join this? After working for Indian Air force, for seventeen long years, I made up my mind to be an HR person, so that I can render my long term of experience so far to the organization, where I could get an opportunity to work.
The XLRI PGCHRM -21 courses gave me an extreme outlook, to enhance my HR skills to a large extent. The journey from day one was fantastic. It created a platform for getting to know each other, from different parts of the country. Each XLRI’an had many stories to share and learning experiences. In spite of all the hurdles faced by me professionally & personally during the course completion, I made it a point to succeed in all the areas of assessment. Now, a person with many master degrees in hand, feel proud and happy to say that XLRI has great impact on my career. Now after having so much of learning experience, I had been successful in dealing with many issues in my organization.
I should definitely quote here, an HR person deals with human resources, the most challenging task. It requires really great skill and learning. And I believe, XLRI has rendered me those skills. Now when I look back, I feel my quick judgement of enrolling myself in XLRI then was really a great decision.
Sreenivas.K RH-16142 – PGCHRM-21

I found the course extremely useful for working executives like me. The course coverage was exhaustive with all contemporary issues covered at length. The course pedagogy that included quizzes, assignments, mid-term and end-term exams, ensured that along with conceptual learning we also mastered the application of such concepts in real life situations. It was indeed a privilege to learn from the hugely experienced faculty, most of whom shared deep insights from the corporate world, which made our learning more practical and useful.In order to make the programme even more useful, I would like to suggest the following:
Presently, the immersion programme at XLRI campus is for a week during the entire duration of the programme. This needs to be conducted twice (a total of two weeks) during the programme. Such ‘face-to face’ interaction with the faculty is particularly helpful in having a better grasp of such courses/topics as Labour Laws, IR&PM, Collective Bargaining, Social Research Methods, etc.
On the whole, it was a great learning and enriching experience for me as a professional. I shall continue to have fond memories of the wonderful time spent in the classroom and campus with professors and co-students alike!
Arup Kumar – 26th March, 2017

Thank you all so so much for making our stay in the campus super comfortable and a memorable one. We are back at our work stations loaded with funtastic memories and friendships to be cherished forever.
Thank you all once again.
Ms. Srimoyee Basu – PGCBM 26

Campus Component was most wonderful event and it was an experience for lifetime.I never imagined myself as a student again attending classroom lectures. This was possible because of the Campus Component. Thanks for the wonderful hospitality during our stay.
Mr. Santosh Pawaskar – PGCBM 26

Though it was a VIL platform, but I didn’t observe any lack of quality in the teaching pedagogy. Faculty was always approachable. Studying through this platform was the same as studying at college.
                                           Bhim Sain Mirg – PGCBM-19

Visiting the XLRI campus is one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I appreciate the effort you and the team invested in the 1 year VIL program and CC. Hats off to the team. 
                                       Sonia Singh – PGCHRM 18