Student's Testimonials

"It had been the most memorable time of my life to be in XLRI campus. I appreciate the efforts you and team had delivered for the 1 year VIL program and CC. Hats off to the team. " - Ms. Sonia Singh (PGCHRM 18)

"This has been one of my best learning experiences that has got me to appreciate business management in a better way. The teaching faculty have been brilliant, the TA's have been approachable and helpful throughout the course and I would rate this course a 10 on 10 when its gauged against other similar courses offered. I have been interacting with the students who are from the other institutes at our Hughes center and I have learnt that none of those courses have the rigor that PGCBM demands. This is something I appreciate about the PGCBM course as this has forced us to study and work hard towards achieving a good grade albeit at a cost. The cost is the toll it has taken in managing the work and personal life as the course has been really heavy and requires a focused study of a good 2-3 hours every day on an average. But I believe if it was not so then there would not have been any learning. With regards to the campus component I felt it was brilliantly organized and the effort put in by the VIL team is commendable. The faculty was superb, the accommodation was excellent and the food was an absolute treat.
I thank the entire XL team for this and hope to be associated with the XL family in the years to come. " - Mr. Darshan Krishnamurthy (PGCBM 26)

"I would like to say a BIG THANK-YOU.... for all that you all did when we were in the campus. I wish we as HR, can be to our employees what you were to us in that week.
It was one of the most hectic week but I loved every bit of it. If another week of campus stay is announced, I will register without a thought! Everything was almost perfect. Hearing, Knowing & admiring XLRI is different from experiencing it. In one word, I lived the most inspiring week of my life in Jamshedpur! Thanks again for everything. " - Ms. Anindita Dey (PGCHRM 19)

"Thank you all so so much for making our stay in the campus super comfortable and a memorable one.We are back at our work stations loaded with funtastic memories and friendships to be cherished forever.
Thank you all once again. " - Ms. Srimoyee Basu (PGCBM 26)

"Campus Component was most wonderful event and it was an experience for lifetime.
I never imagined myself as a student again attending classroom lectures. This was possible because of Campus Components. Thanks for the wonderful hospitality during our stay. - " - Mr. Santosh Pawaskar (PGCBM 26)

"I am very proud to be the alumni of the great institution 'XLRI' that has produced some of the greatest leaders in various fields. To have been taught by the professors at XLRI who are great academicians and who guide many global companies to drive their strategies was indeed a sought after experience. I am very proud to have been a part of XLRI where students are not just students but managers, strategists and leaders in making. To be the alumni of XLRI where values and patriotism are omnipresent even today is one of my biggest achievements."- Ms. Rudrani Nalubolu (PGCHRM-14)

"I am proud to say that XLRI is my alma mater, and extremely happy to have done so well in the course. The best part about the VIL courses is the quality of teaching - we interact with the finest minds in the subject, and the intellectual stimulation that comes out of classroom discussions is simply mind blowing. I will always remember this one year as one of the most valuable years of my life."- Ms. Pushpa Jagadeesan (PGCHRM-13)

"I have had a wonderful experience as a student of the program and have learned a lot from my professors and fellow students. There are many options available in the education market to continue your education as a professional. However, the experience, exposure and access to years of research in the field of HR cannot even come close to what one can find at XLRI. Being a part of this institution makes me stand apart in the crowd and to believe in what I stand for as an HR professional. I am proud to call myself an XLRI alumni and it is my honor to be one."- Godfrey Mitchell (PGCHRM-12)

"Though it was a VIL platform, but I didn't observe any lack of quality in the teaching pedagogy. Faculty was always approachable. Studying through this platform was same as studying at college."- Bhim Sain Mirg (PGCBM-19)

"A student of the batch PGCBM-19 batch, look forward to more professional learning through exchange of information & ideas."- Satish V Awate (PGCBM-19)