Service Providers

"The explosion of the knowledge age has changed the context of what is learnt and how it is learnt - the concept of virtual classrooms is a manifestation of this knowledge revolution."

Virtual Interactive Learning (VIL) improves access to advanced educational experiences by allowing students and instructors to participate in remote learning communities either through Video Conferencing or by using personal computers; and to improve the quality and effectiveness of management education to support a collaborative learning process.

Rightfully so, our technical service partners provide a complete solution to the VIL ecosystem through offering of a robust technology platform and online assessment tools. This supports in rapid skill development framework for corporate and individual alike, beyond geographical barriers.

From Highly interactive Video Conference technology to direct-to-desktop technology, XLRI has it all - a perfect example of blended learning!

XLRI's VIL wing has collaborated with a couple of technical service providers in the past and are also planning to collaborate with many in the near future, to offer management education virtually to the masses.

The service providers who are currently engaged with us are:

Hughes Global Education (HGEIL)

Unified Collaboration Services (UCS)

Talent edge

Tech Mahindra

ICICIdirect Centre for Financial Learning [ICFL]

TSW Executive Education